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What is the woman calling the sun? If someone suddenly asks me like this, I think, like most people, I will first open the two basic tags of “cut male color” and “dolphin tone”. Since ancient times, men have interacted with the sun by chasing and shooting, while women are better at using voice, gesture, and mind. Jingpo and Bulang people have the myth of asking for the sun, the Yi people are looking for the sun, the Miao and Hani people are asking for the sun, and the Dong people. Save the sun.

Shouting the sun is a traditional custom of Chinese Tujia women. Shouting the sun is to say what you want. Lao She once said that there are not many truths in this world. A woman’s blush is better than a long dialogue. So, what do women who call the sun look like? They have a strong sense of life, they will not curl up in a box to doubt themselves, nor will they hover under the eaves and can’t afford to put them down. They look gentle in the chain, but Everyone has a pioneering spirit.

The overcrowded show venue of 2021SS should be the most test of his ability as a brand founder. once

all from ALEXciet

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In Shenzhen Fashion Week last year, Alex Zhou Xiaoyu was also the designer and manager of Tony&tony’s. In 2020, Alex left for a new career and created the brand of the same name-ALEXciet. Although the fashions he designed are still constantly worn by big stars and top hosts, fashion week is not a fitting room after all. The overcrowded show venue of 2021SS should be the most test of his ability as a brand founder. once.

The theme of the ALEXciet 2021SS show is “The Woman Who Shouts the Sun”. Alex once said in an interview with the media that my grandmother said that they are both Sun’s daughters, and she is my muse. Therefore, for the first independent show, Zhou Yi joined hands with dozens of artists to integrate embroidery, beading, painting, iron art, tie-dyeing, folding fans, and Yang’s cheongsam craftsmanship into “The Woman Shouting the Sun”, bringing traditional Chinese culture to the world. The organic combination of fashion elements finally lived up to expectations and created this dizzying and emotional fashion giant.

The theme of the ALEXciet 2021SS show is

all from ALEXciet


In the preparatory stage of “The Woman Who Screams for the Sun”, I once had an afternoon talk with Zhou Yi in Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen. He told me, “My creative process is generally very intuitive. I put fashion design in the local context of music and time, which enhances the national significance of fashion.

After the epidemic, as a designer from Hubei, he used a show to tell the story of his hometown. This in itself is a highly concentrated and exciting performance art practice. I want to express my belief in the uniqueness of the motherland and my infinite yearning for a better life by shouting the two keywords of “sun and woman”. My creative process will always be closely centered around this humanistic process of rich connotation and endless loop evolution. This year is a special year. I want to give “The Woman Who Calls the Sun” to all the people of Hubei, to the strugglers in Shenzhen, and to this beautiful era. ”