「伊利」舒华奶〡无乳糖 营养好吸收

The most impressive thing about Lv Yan is not only her simple courage, but also her loyalty to her own will and tenacity in her past life. As an entrepreneur, I can sense how much she wants to infuse her coveted vitality like mine into her “self like” self, allowing Comme Moi to act like an invisible bandage when adding attachments to every woman, eliminating excuses that crave change but are hesitant to move forward in her own blind circle due to fear.

It can be found everywhere, with rewards and punishments.

Comme Moi Founder Lvyan: Wood likes me,Fire likes me,part of me ignites the other part of me

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LvYan all in Comme Moi


The most accurate way to see a founder’s understanding of a business is not by how she delicately and statically describes it in place, but by whether she can lead the way in the chaos on site. The supermodel who always enjoys the greatest sexiness a woman can have, without being a permanent MC who guides or a graceful shopkeeper, turns around to become a hands-on and entrepreneurial entrepreneur, actually maintaining the foundation of the same mindset. There are countless contrasts and contrasts in Lv Yan’s body. For example, anyone can take photos on the street, but not everyone can become a model; A model can be a designer, but not everyone can be a designer.

Especially for celebrity founders like Lv Yan who are known for their “A but excellent, B creates” reputation, the external gaze is particularly harsh. But she doesn’t seem to care about other people’s evaluations of her ticket playing or beach grabbing. Whatever nonsense you say, I remain unmoved and never forget my original intention. She once appeared on the famous talk show “Thirteen Invitations”. Xu Zhiyuan was concerned about the country and the people, capricious, and charming. The college students who answered him were often blinded by Xu Zhiyuan’s drunken tango like sense of rotation and jumping, and she had the ability to fly Xu Zhiyuan’s metaphysics and return to the most specific trivialities, constructing simple and durable truth hammers in non macroscopic narratives, The names of those who had fought with her or worked together with her have achieved great success, and they have dismantled the inexplicable and impassable.

Comme Moi Founder Lvyan: Wood likes me,Fire likes me,part of me ignites the other part of me

LvYan all in Comme Moi


Lv Yan basked, and the background of the human clocking in faintly visible outside the window was covered in banana leaves and deer. Microexpression scientists are able to decipher almost every type of person’s inner voice, but almost no one is fooling supermodels. Other people’s expressionless faces are blasted into emptiness, while their faces are licked and revered as an unfathomable ocean, vast stars. So, I can hardly estimate whether this OOTD office is her ideological habitat or business hub for the founder, and what kind of two-way communication they have between them; The first model broke through the door and went back through all the lines, from silence to thunderous applause. Her heart was examining whether it was more than agreement or the opposite; And, the Comme Moi she is looking forward to is embracing popularity or becoming a luxury item, with delivery options available immediately or in rare quantities; Also, did she love the last-minute anxiety so much that everything seemed to be in a mess and could finally be in place one by one.

In the first two weeks of Shanghai Fashion Week, it seems that all the entertainment has flown to Milan and Paris. During this period, Lv Yan posted a Show ANNOUNCENT of the Common Moi. When Lv Yan developed in Paris, there was no one interested in domestic entertainment, and no one expected China to develop into a super economic power and a super fashion power in a very short period of time. Nowadays, those who sit at the top row and C-spot of international fashion weeks watching shows, those closest to the center of the vanity fair and the top of the power chart, are all Chinese faces. She understands that this is not only because China is the world’s largest market, but also because Chinese people are the world’s strongest buyers. This is not the sole effort of a person or a group. The height of a celebrity brand comes from the height of a national brand, while the height of a corporate brand also comes from the height of a national brand. The height of a personal brand comes from the height of a national brand, regardless of the titles of supermodels, designers, entrepreneurs, and taxpayers. As a subset of the Republic, citizen Lv Yan’s sense of happiness, gain, and security makes her look more and more calm, determined, and capable.


In my interviews with Fashion Week over the past few years, I have found that founders are increasingly focusing on a sense of belief in fashion. Female founders often associate their clothing with the scenes, meanings, and memories they have experienced. Fashion helps them record and connect the extraordinary and everyday aspects of work and life, the sense of rhythm, honor, and mission of those shared images, and even the so-called freshness or girlishness that is far ahead of the surface distribution of clothing. I have tested in countless interviews, and when the founders hear that the professional fashion that accompanies them is referred to as the “war robe,” they immediately adopt a repetitive posture. I think this kind of performance is too appropriate and practical for them to maintain a state of combat at all times. The relationship between fashion and them is just a strip of water, holding their breath and moving forward without hesitation.

I have a classmate from a startup camp who is a CEO who enforces prohibitions and decisively takes action at work. This trait has enabled her to achieve outstanding career achievements. When she and I watched the show together, she said, ‘The Common Moi is my combat robe, not the armor type. The Common Moi is very soft and skin friendly, which can help me neutralize some strong factors in my personality and ease those imposing battles.’. To be honest, you don’t need to kill everyone as soon as you appear. Even if you want to try your best to retain a certain kind of deterrent power, it’s not for others to see, it’s for yourself. Nowadays, entrepreneurs need to often be discouraged, not from others’ carelessness or sarcasm, but rather from their own spirit. The feeling that Common Moi gives me is like this. The true combat robe is to put down weapons, remove defense, and break through the ice. It is a rigorous, gentle, and advanced social language.

The other is my client, who is the co founder of the mobile phone brand and also likes to use Comme Moi as a combat robe. She said that the first time I saw Comme Moi was in Vientiane City. When I learned that this was the founding brand of Lv Yan, I knew her clothes must be very durable and easy to wear. This is determined by her experience, and only those who have undergone a magnificent turn know how to avoid those flashy and unrealistic things. Her clothes won’t put too much force on when she goes to the office in the morning, and won’t shine brightly when she goes out for a meeting in the afternoon, standing out from the crowd, but they will also add a suitable sense of color, like chewing green arrows while eating rainbow candy.

When you come home at night and take off your high heels, wow, at that moment, you will instantly feel that your body is relaxed, separate from the soreness of your calves and ankles, and there is harm in comparison. So, I said, “As a war robe, what I understand is not only to accompany you in charge, but also to protect and treat every inch of your skin well, and to comfort your heart, right, So, I bought another bunch of Christian Louboutin combat boots paired with Common Moi, which are both beautiful, comfortable, and versatile.


Who are you, where are you from, and where are you going. It is a recurring philosophical torture. Like me, also known as the extension line between “like me” and “who I belong to” as often said by ancient Chinese, has largely become a mirror image of modern people’s thinking about “who I was before I was born, and who I am after I am born”. So, Common Moi is destined to be a timeless superhero. Perhaps this is also the beauty of Lv Yan and me: our appearance is very French, our conversation is very American, and our temperament is very Chinese. We don’t know if this is a stunt she has honed through years of shuttling through jet lag, or if it is her innate talent that always connects the nation with the world, tradition with avant-garde, and becomes a natural part of her, with extraordinary craftsmanship.

The consistent T-stage, no matter how fierce the booming rhythm is, the model’s face always appears lonely and unbearable, like the faces of people walking through the mall gate. I imagine Lv Yan standing there, if she happened to see the people who were coming face to face excited because of the ” Common Moi ” in their pockets, they would return with a full load, overjoyed: red leaves like me, scorching sun like me, some of me illuminating another part of me; wood is like me, fire is like me, and one part of me ignites another part of me.