The IPO will always be like the premiere of a blockbuster. The stars are holding the moon, the big coffee is gathering, and the Jinshan cloud is landing on Nasdaq, which ignited the drought in the post-epidemic era in May. The bravery of holding 4 directly listed companies also pushed Lei Jun’s entrepreneurial career to a commanding height again. In the turbulent waves of the times, Lei Jun has always been the entrepreneur who keeps pace with the times and fights against time. Tong Shihao said that seeing Lei Jun is usually after 1 o’clock in the night, and he will always be busy and crowded around him. It is conceivable that Lei Jun’s schedule is filled with daily affairs, press conferences, and various emergencies. He may go to bed with the company every day, and spin up like a gyro, involuntarily enjoying himself.

In the past few years, whenever Xiaomi and Jinshan made big moves, Lei Jun always insisted on playing the open letter in the first person, to a certain extent, he took note of Lei Jun’s busyness and chaos. There is no way for a person who is anxious to attack a pen, and his open letter has never been a general straightforward statement, always condensing words with emotions and beliefs. I know that everyone understands that the founders must have all kinds of anxiety, excitement, and paranoia. The bigger the company, the greater the pressure. No matter who is pressed on the body, no one can calm down. However, Lei Jun who wrote the letter was lovely and charming. His outspoken expression, his sarcasm, his exuberance, and his cleverness, always strive for excellence and always affectionate.

The following is the full text of an open letter published by Lei Jun on the same day as Lei Jun ’s public account on the day of listing of Jinshan Cloud. The original title is “Lei Jun: Witnessing the Successful Listing of Jinshan Cloud on NASDAQ”. Recently, all kinds of rumors, judgments, and predictions about Sino-US relations have been colorful, so I named my recommendation sequence “Not Dye”, to pay tribute and bless the only Chinese pure cloud service provider in the US stock market-Jinshan cloud. The flowers of water and land plants and trees are as lovely as clouds. May China pass the country straight, Cathay Pacific will be safe.

Jinshan cloud is landing on Nasdaq, which ignited the drought in the post-epidemic era in May

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Just now, Kingsoft Cloud is officially listed on NASDAQ (stock code: KC). I am very honored and very excited to be able to witness the successful listing of Kingsoft Cloud with you at such a special moment today.

KC ‘s journey is a story of dare to think and dare to be in. After I became the chairman of Jinshan Group in 2011, I urge everyone to think together: how to make a long-term layout of new business for the future. At that time, cloud services had just started in China. We firmly believe that cloud services will be the most durable and strong outlet in the TMT industry, but the investment is huge, and the potential opponents are super strong. Jinshan’s overall strength is insufficient and difficult. After repeated argumentation, we made a very bold decision: All in Cloud Service. Only the determination and courage to “live to death”, and only All in, will have a chance to win.


In 2012, we officially created Jinshan Cloud, and All in our almost all resources, from the beginning to form a team, do products, develop markets, but also bear the tremendous pressure of continuous high investment … To this day, Jinshan Cloud is already the third largest Internet cloud service provider in China. Facts have proved that our decision was correct at the beginning, and under the general trend of AIoT and the Internet of Everything, the importance of cloud is more prominent. Today, the cloud is an infrastructure, a platform, and a service. Not only that, in the next few years, “new infrastructure” will provide new momentum for China’s digital economy, and cloud services will always provide strong support for “new infrastructure”.

After the successful listing, Kingsoft Cloud became the only Chinese pure cloud service provider among US stocks. The successful landing of Kingsoft Cloud in US stocks is a reflection of the value of Chinese cloud computing companies and will provide confidence for more companies that insist on value creation to march toward the US capital market.

Jinshan Yun spent eight years writing a wonderful chapter of pioneering and leading the future. Here, I would like to thank Wang Yulin, the management team and all employees of Kingsoft Cloud, as well as all Kingsoft Cloud customers.


In the past two days, many people have been discussing the topic of “Houlang”. In my eyes, Jinshan Group’s 32-year history, several core businesses such as WPS surged forward; Jinshan Cloud gathered more power, climbed to a new level, and then surged. The front wave and the back wave overlap, and Jinshan’s future picture will be even more magnificent. KC is such a handsome young man with fire in his heart and light in his eyes, full of longing and hope.

I have full confidence in the future of Jinshan Yun! I hope that after Jinshan Cloud goes public, it will continue to practice the Jinshan values of “high aspirations and down-to-earth”, and insist on doing two things well: the first one, insist on innovation, insist on technology to establish a business, and do well in products and services; the second one, Adhere to the industry and provide higher quality services to our customers.

I believe that with Jinshan Office, Xishanju and KC as the troika, continue to uphold the original intention of “technical career”, Jinshan Group will always be young and always shine!