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From September 11 to 13, 2021, the 18th China-ASEAN Expo will be held in Nanning, Guangxi. In the “Belt and Road” international exhibition hall, more than 100 companies from 30 countries including Pakistan, Japan, France, Sri Lanka and other countries displayed a variety of refreshing advanced technologies. Fully flexible screen products such as electronic nameplates will shine in ASEAN.

During the China-ASEAN Expo, Long Yuxuan, the founder and executive editor of “readCEO Search Engine”, invited 50 founders and CEOs from technology, fashion, art, architecture, film and television, blockchain and other fields to watch the live cloud broadcast. Participate in the conversation. The founders generally believe that Royole Technology has gained an international reputation for the Chinese delegation. This is not only Royole’s honor and pride, but also won praise and respect from netizens around the world for China’s technological innovation.

One of the most wonderful things in the world is looking back at the same time in a sea of people. We have seen that wherever the soft tree flutters in the wind, this kind of miracle always happens again and again, whether it is a scientist or a frequent traveler, stopping for the soft tree, turning around, and staring more than millions of times. The following content is excerpted from the “Royole Technology” public account, the original title is “Help ASEAN Expo, self-developed full flexible screen products shine.” “readCEO Search Engine” founder Long Yuxuan reposted this article after being authorized by Liu Zihong, founder of Royole Technology. Special thanks to Mr. Yao Jinsong for his support.


This is not only Royole's honor and pride, but also won praise and respect from netizens around the world for China's technological innovation

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The current China-ASEAN Expo coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between China and ASEAN and the year of sustainable development and cooperation between China and ASEAN. Leaders and experts from many countries are attending the summit or giving speeches via video. At the expo and summit, speakers were placed beside each other with unique-looking flexible electronic nameplates, which attracted people’s attention. This nameplate is the RoMeeting intelligent nameplate conference system launched by Royole Technology.

RoMeeting seems to be just a small curved screen, but its slender body contains the latest fully flexible display and flexible sensing technology. It is equipped with the third-generation Cicada Wing fully flexible screen independently developed by Royole, with a resolution of 1920 *1440, the display content is extremely clear, and it can be operated by touch like a smart phone. The outer side displays the name of the person, and the inner side also has functions such as graphic display and teleprompter.

In addition to the stunning appearance, this small product also integrates a complete set of intelligent meeting solutions, opening up the entire process before, during, and after the meeting, facilitating the organizer to manage the meeting in an all-round way. Multiple RoMeeting can form a smart meeting network, and use the mobile phone APP to control the content of the RoMeeting screen. The meeting organizer can set the name of the participant, company and other information with one key, and the background can control the sign-in status of the participants in real time, or push in batches in advance Text, picture, video and other meetings, quickly deploy the meeting agenda. At the same time, RoMeeting also has functions such as voting, manuscript prompting, etc., and is a full-featured intelligent meeting assistant.

More importantly, this product is expected to revolutionize traditional meeting methods, and its paperless solution can make a huge contribution to low-carbon goals. Calculated based on the consumption of 100 A4 papers per 100-person conference, even if 1% of Chinese companies use electronic nameplates in the future, it will reduce the felling of 8,000 big trees every day, which corresponds to the absorption of more than 4 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. , It emits nearly 3 million tons of oxygen, and its ecological value is limitless.


The participation of leaders of many countries and heavy guests has brought many important moments worth remembering in this year’s CAEXPO. The organizer deliberately arranged a unique “big tree” on the site of the exhibition hall, and displayed the wonderful moments of this year’s China-ASEAN Expo through pieces of “leaves”. The leaves of this “big tree” are also composed of pieces of flexible screens. Don’t underestimate these soft screens that are as thin as paper and can move with the wind. They are also the third-generation fully flexible screens of cicada wings independently developed by Royole Technology.

While ensuring “softness”, Royole also endows the fully flexible screen with higher reliability. According to the authoritative test of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, the third-generation Cicada Wing fully flexible screen can still display normally after bending 1.8 million times. The lifelike soft trees that can show the wonderful moments of the China-ASEAN Expo have become the focus of attention of many visitors with novel display methods. At the same time, the soft tree’s shape with a sense of science and technology and the implied meaning of “growth” and “green” also convey the blessings for the continuous innovation and luxuriant branches of the China-ASEAN Expo.

In fact, this is not the first time Roushu has appeared at the China-ASEAN Expo. At the last China-ASEAN Expo, Northwestern Polytechnical University joined hands with Royole Technology to display the soft tree as an innovative exhibit, which caused a sensation. In this year’s China-ASEAN Expo, the soft tree has become an important window for the audience. From the “guests” of the exhibition to the “hosts” who welcome visitors from all over the world, behind the transformation of Roushu’s “identity” is the rapid expansion of flexible electronic technology and applications.


It is understood that Royole Technology, relying on its self-developed ultra-low temperature non-silicon process integration technology (ULT-NSSP), broke the technological route monopoly of Japanese and Korean companies in the traditional display field. Flexible screen, in 2018, built the world’s first full flexible screen mass production line. As a technology company mastering the mass production and terminal layout of core semiconductor full flexible display technology, it has become the pioneer and leader of the flexible electronics industry.

Relying on its technical advantages, Royole Technology has carried out in-depth deployment at the application level, and has applied flexible electronic technology in multiple fields such as mobile smart terminals, smart transportation, entertainment media, sports fashion, smart home, and office education. More than 500 corporate customers around the world, including leading companies in various fields such as Airbus, Airbus, Guangzhou Automobile, and Luzhou Laojiao, have provided mature flexible electronic solutions. It is the continuous promotion of Royole technology that the flexible nameplate and soft tree can appear at the China-ASEAN Expo, representing the backbone of my country’s technological innovation and welcoming visitors from all directions.

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  3. All good things are tortuously approaching their goals, all straightness is deceptive, all truths are crooked, and time itself is a circle. This is what Nietzsche said, sharing with the founder.

  4. The fate of two people on earth can meet is one in a billion, and the probability of turning back at the same time is even lower. Roushu did it, it’s true.

  5. Entrepreneurship with new technology is like going through fire and water, the founder Liu Zihong is an elder brother who has overcome difficulties.

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