On July 4, 2020, the 20th Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition officially opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the opening ceremony, Shen Yongfang, chairman of the Shenzhen Fashion Creative Industry Alliance and honorary chairman of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, said that the Shenzhen Fashion Exhibition was the first fashion professional exhibition after the epidemic, and the theme was “awakening.”

Shenzhen’s fashion industry has always been in a leading position in the country. As a witness of the rise of the Shenzhen apparel industry and the CEO of the Shenzhen Apparel Industry Association, Shen Yongfang witnessed and promoted the rise of localized apparel brands. In 2003, when the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government organized the preparation of the Longhua Garment Industry Base, Dalang was still a rough place, and the brands were standing by to wait and see whether they should make a contribution in the countryside far from the down town. Opinions and voices are endless as if the waves are rolling, Shen Yongfang rushes to tell each other, she tells every founder and designer, believe me, big waves are a new continent.

This is not an easy task, and even science is so. Planck said that the glory in science is due to the first person to persuade the world, not the first person to think of it. She firmly believes that she has spared no effort. Next, with the entry of nearly 200 brand apparel and supporting enterprises such as Ying’er, Caldenton, Gelisi, and Broadcasting, Dalang Town has become China’s fashion highland.

As a witness of the rise of the Shenzhen apparel industry and the CEO of the Shenzhen Apparel Industry Association, Shen Yongfang witnessed and promoted the rise of localized apparel brands

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Next, Shen Yongfang focused on designer brands again. Both her experience and her vision are her pinpoints. She knows how to pioneer and innovate under the circumstances of tracing back the past and referring to history, so as to best protect and promote innovation. It’s not that you are leaning back against the big tree and pushing the new generation of designers to the cusp of the storm, but you can also keep them up to date, and the elegant attitude of thick accumulation is the real test.

In the vastly different styles of labyrinths and ideologies, this is both a unique approach and a trend. And this stern enthusiasm comes from her admiration for the times, vision, design, craftsmanship, and unrestrained philosophy of life, actively adapting to changes in society, and experiencing the eagerness and calm brought about by the times. In China, the growing middle class is the most consuming and aesthetically capable class. Compared with people who are happy to consume fast fashion, they are more convinced that makeup is never to create a new face, nor is fashion to Lay an old wardrobe, but should highlight the beauty of its own disagreement.


Yes, aside from luxury and economy, the middle class has a deep-rooted pursuit of style, attitude and spiritual appearance, and this is the right and art of the designer brand to stick to the top. They are good at using deeper, more detailed and more detailed fashion The sense of awakening the beautiful potential of people who understand can help them find an excellent state in work and life, bloom their multi-faceted sparkle, and expand their ideas and creativity in a sealed jungle that contains multiple cultures and free speech.

These elements that need to be glued together are the basis for the designer brand to stand out and shine in the new era. This is the path that Shen Yongfang has found for fashion, but this is not a sudden, look around. The history and overview of the apparel industry in Shenzhen, as well as the situation and achievements of the apparel industry and associations in Shenzhen, can be seen in full view.

In April last year, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, visited Shenzhen and insisted on cultural exchanges with the Shenzhen apparel industry. Shen Yongfang led the delegation, she said in her speech, “With the strong support of the municipal party committee and the joint efforts of the founders, from no brand to the development of China’s largest clothing brand base, and in London, New York, Milan International Fashion Zhou Da shines, Shenzhen only used 20 years.”


A brand founder who was on the scene at the time told me that there are many reasons why the flamboyant fashion industry trusts Shen Yongfang. This should be one of them. She disdains to use simple and rough to carry the culture and aesthetics with different styles from the east to the west. Ci Zaozhen made the prince stunned, and conquered the royals from afar with just a brief history of the time in Shenzhen.

This is a manifestation of the persistent spirit in Shen Yongfang’s character-time is silent, but time tames everything and throws to the ground. Heaven and Earth do not know any national boundaries, and riding the wind and waves has nothing to do with gender. Shen Yongfang’s world view makes her interpretation of fashion has never been the combination of Eastern style and Western tailoring. It is Chinese characteristics and Shenzhen speed. The reason why fashion can last forever and prosper is People, and silhouette, tailoring, splicing, no matter what form, in the final analysis is the refraction of people’s hearts.


Each show is an independent world, with different feelings of time and space and different rhythm of atmosphere. Designers write about the situation of people in daily life in the legendary plot, searching and constructing a rich world that belongs to people from peripherals to connotation. The granularity of society always exists. However, no matter what kind of time and space, this kind of spiritual texture that belongs to the self can not be deprived by anyone as long as you want it, just like aesthetics is always a thing I don’t want you to think, yes Things that I think.

Our country is at an important moment of change. Forty years of reform and opening up has kept Shenzhen at the center of the world stage. Material abundance and aesthetic emptiness, economic prosperity and disparity between the rich and the poor, social reconstruction and the game of interests, connotation recovery and the impression of a fat house appear alternately. In a society full of infinite hopes and heavy barriers, fashion is quietly contributing to reflection and awakening. The adult world has never had any luck in the world. It is like a ready-made garment, but it is the beauty of an adult.