「伊利」舒华奶〡无乳糖 营养好吸收

On the eve of National Day in 2020, Su Xin returned to his hometown of Hechuan, Chongqing. This is the first time he has returned to his hometown since 2014. Although he has arrived in Chongqing many times during this period, he has not returned to his hometown of Hechuan. Hechuan District is 50 kilometers away from the main city, 70 minutes by car, and only 20 minutes by high-speed rail. It was once famous for its fishing town and Mamenxi dinosaurs.

Hechuan District is 50 kilometers away from the main city, 70 minutes by car, and only 20 minutes by high-speed rail. It was once famous for its fishing town and Mamenxi dinosaurs

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The serious delay caused Su Xin to arrive home in the early morning, and the embarrassing journey did not make him particularly tired and reduce his excitement in his long-lost hometown. Jiuchang Street, Talmen, Panlong Market, Yazui, Binjiang Road, these places where he has been around since childhood all made him feel comfortable. Su Xin had been studying in Hechuan before going to university. He was in Jiuchangjie Primary School in grades one to six and Heyi Middle School in middle school. At this time, he was standing in the pedestrian street of Jiuchang Street at noon, surrounded by turbulent people. It was in a downtown area. In addition to supermarkets, there were various snack bars. Also, because there were elementary schools and kindergartens, a swarm of people flooded out of the campus when school was over. The child, twitter, the voice is full.

Ailian Alley is connected to Jiuchang Street. It is Baishu Street when going out, and Biefanxi Street when going out at the other end. Wenfeng Ancient Street is across a bridge. Wenfeng Street is full of Internet celebrity dessert shops and milk tea shops that young people like And local specialty shops. Walk straight along the main road, or turn out from the residential building in the ancient street to reach the old site of Heyi Middle School. Rice noodle shops, hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants, and home-cooked restaurants cover the entire street. People in Chongqing are all gourmets, but it is clear that Su Xin is not a foodie. I asked him if he could use three words to describe his impression of Hechuan. His answer was ” Yazui, Diaoyucheng, Baita”, and there was no dish name in the answer. Although I later added and recommended Shao Goufen and Chen Kuanfen, two hidden snacks in the alley, I couldn’t make up 3 of them.


When he was young, Su Xin’s house was in Yazui. Yazui happens to be on the bank of the confluence of Jialing River and Fujiang River, and facing the White Pagoda. It is still the most comfortable viewing spot in Hechuan. The elementary school was on winter vacation for the Spring Festival. He and his cousins pushed and shoved downstairs, then smuggled to the dam in Jiangxin to set off artillery, and the New Year’s money was set aside before returning.

“Visit the river tower with anger, sleepless counties”, the place of birth often determines where a person goes. Because of the relationship between his growth environment and his family education, Su Xin has always been an indifferent person to fame and fortune. He is definitely not the kind of inspirational straight man who is determined to make achievements in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with a hundred dollars, nor is he the kind of white who indulges in fantasy day and night. Daydream patients. He works diligently and lives steadily. As an adjective, if diligence is the basic level, hard work is the comparative level, and anger is the highest level, then Su Xin is the kind of learning ability that is extremely strong and good at delving into it. An angry person, he is frank, cold-hearted, meticulous, and arguable. He never looks forward to the future, nor is he uneasy, but he is complacent and ready to show his talents at any time.


When I sat down to rest in the teahouse of Wenfeng Ancient Street, the rain had not stopped. I asked Su Xin, “Are you going home for the Spring Festival this year?” Su Xin did not give me a positive or negative answer immediately, “Do you think you must go home during the Chinese New Year?” He asked indifferently, and then stated, ” It really doesn’t matter where you are. You can celebrate the Spring Festival wherever you are, and you can celebrate the Chinese New Year abroad. The core value of home is family. As long as I’m with my family, I can be home from all corners of the world.

Of course, going home for the New Year is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation, but whether to go home for the New Year depends only on joy rather than homesickness. The strong transportation network and infrastructure construction have gradually made homesickness a false proposition, and everyone has the right to make more choices. My hometown and me, you and your hometown, no matter how close you are to it, it will not necessarily become a part of its artistic conception. No matter how far away you are from it, you may participate in its unparalleled beauty. ”

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  1. I have received souvenirs from friends that are Hechuan’s specialty-peach slices. The “book pages” of off-white glutinous rice paper are glued piece by piece like a booklet, but they are glued together in one piece and can be opened page by page. The center is dotted with walnut kernels, which is soft and waxy and delicious.

  2. In Chongqing for many years, I have eaten Hechuan meat slices countless times, but every time every Hechuan person will say: it is not delicious, not as good as before. So I have been thinking, what exactly is the original taste?

  3. The former site of Yucai School is located in Gusheng Temple, Fenghuang Village, Caojie Town, Hechuan District, 80 kilometers northwest of Chongqing. In 1942, Tao Xingzhi gave a speech here on the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of the school, calling on students to develop comprehensively in morality, intelligence, physical education, and art.

  4. The dusk of 5:30 on the Dongdu Bridge is the gentleness of mass production in a limited time.

  5. Hechuan must-eat list: Xiaoyang pot (slightly spicy pot bottom, prawns, beef liver, blood flourish), less water noodles, Wenfeng ancient street rice noodles, buns from Jiayun snack bar, Tuocha from Jiaotong Street teahouse, sweet and fragrant Hechuan peach slices.

  6. Hechuan’s train station is still somewhat similar to the appearance of South Korea’s Blue House.

  7. Wei Ya’s live broadcast list on November 24 includes Hechuan peach slices and Ciqikou Chen Mahua.

  8. Hechuan is one of the birthplaces of Ba culture, with famous historical and cultural sites such as Diaoyu City and Laitan Ancient Town. Zhou Dunyi, who wrote “The Story of Love Lotus”, taught and started a business here. “The flowers of water, land, and plants are very cute,” and now children will recite it because of Zhang Yixing.

  9. Take out a map of China, find your hometown, and look at the geography of your hometown: what mountains, rivers, and natural resources are there around. Think about what happened in your hometown in history. Can you find the relationship between geography and history, in other words, to what extent has the geography of your hometown affected the history of your hometown? It is of course a good thing to broaden your horizons. Observing the world helps cultivate strong will and clear reason.

  10. I am from Yunnan, and the Yunnan Crossing Bridge Rice Noodle is well-known throughout the country. But I never said: Yunnan rice noodles are the best. Or: Cross-bridge rice noodles are the best rice noodles. Many people are not like this. I said that bridge rice noodles are delicious. They will immediately jump up and say: The gouache from my hometown in Hechuan is the best.

  11. Recently, the writer Feng Xuerong wrote an article saying that the rise of Mandarin and the decline of dialects are actually an economic behavior determined by economic laws. There are some classic verbs in Hechuan dialect, such as “lighting a mosquito coil” or “photographing a mosquito coil”.