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As a Chinese, in our traditional conception, of course, there are many references to measure love. The most convincing is still a fixed space, such as a cave, such as a residence. At the Starbucks next to the red star Macalline at Xiangmi Lake in Shenzhen, Feng Yang, the founder of Hans Design, described this to me, Yang Lian, the founder of Weifa. The idol’s face value. He told me that Yang Lian is a model among serial entrepreneurs. You know, in the case of entrepreneurship, especially continuous entrepreneurship, it is a rare quality to remain continuous and neither self-conscious nor self-serving.

Feng Yang was right, Yang Lian was indeed a rare person who never forgot his original intention. From Shenzhen, Guangzhou, to Shanghai, Jinan, to Changshu, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Huai’an, he led Weifa to create modern houses from city to city. The media said that he was a spiritual leader, or a man of great merit, and he waved his hands openly. The founder is his profession and his destiny. It is the honor and mission of Weifa to create an imaginary dwelling for those who go all out for life. Softness can also be very resolute, gentle or extremely firm.

in the case of entrepreneurship, especially continuous entrepreneurship, it is a rare quality to remain continuous and neither self-conscious nor self-serving

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Weifa high-end customization, a high-end home furnishing brand that will never be restless. In 2020, Weifa, which has entered a new decade, should have enjoyed the dividends, but Weifa did not hide in the comfort zone: renting its own Grade A office property and choosing to rent a creative park with a first-line river view. Only to create an experience space exclusive to Weifa; a Weifa Road was born in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, and it was important to name a road with an enterprise; Weifa’s new production base was put into operation in September, and the total production capacity is expected to double by 2020 the above.

Compared with the relative silence of other high-end brands during the epidemic, Weifa’s actions are a bit big. As the chief designer of all these actions, Wei Lian, the founder of Weifa’s high-end custom, said that his entrepreneurial path is always lacking in the “break, come back” amazing move, and when it comes to him, it is even more difficult to give a proper identity. Introduction, Weifa high-end custom chairman, former domestic audio empire creator, senior ski athletes, extreme sports photographers, etc., are not limited, and fear of tradition can be regarded as Yang’s keyword.

Yang Lian, a professional from the Radio Department of Chongqing University, has a natural obsession with investment in product technology and R&D. The development of Ailang Audio, which was first-hand built, was rapid and prominent. It once led the Chinese audio market, and the development trend of the enterprise is good. But an overly comfortable life state is really a chore for this tireless learner. Soon, Yang Lian summoned the elite soldiers to start his third venture in life and entered the kitchen cabinet industry. After much research and in-depth consideration, he finally selected “custom home” as the new direction. In this regard, Yang Lian’s explanation is: “Custom home furnishing is an emerging industry with sufficient market capacity. With the trend of overall consumption upgrading, it will inevitably usher in one or more considerable growth or even outbreak.” And this One area also fits with the technical knowledge reserve of his team.

Yang Lian’s many years of precipitation in the field of radio technology is only “not worth mentioning the useless work of the layman” to his peers; on the contrary, it is these seemingly irrelevant experiences that have become the source of Weifa’s continued innovation ability in the future. one. The founder is to the brand, like the lighthouse to the sloppy pedestrians in the night, and the heavy anchor to the swinging sampan in the storm.


In the interview with Weifa, the founder of Weifa Creative Park in Pazhou, Guangzhou, and the interview with Yang Lian, the founder of Weifa, I often felt a kind of affinity like spring breeze, and behind this humility and kindness, he conveyed his development of the enterprise. The full grasp and incomparable confidence. In his view, technology is the foundation of an enterprise. Laying a solid foundation has an unparalleled positive driving effect on future development: “Like building a house, building a foundation, the foundation is well laid, and the upper-layer buildings can continue to grow.” The following is a conversation record.

Q: What do you think of Weifa’s development over the past 10 years?

Yang Lian: Weifa started the project from the end of 2008. The real start was in the first half of 2009, which has just passed ten years. In the past ten years, I likened it to the establishment period of Weifa “laying the foundation”. It took 10 years to lay a very solid foundation, but the corresponding size and market channels have not pursued too large and rapid development. . It is precisely because the foundation has been laid well that I believe that Weifa will enter the fast track of development in the next ten years. Redstar Macalline’s strategic investment in Weifa in 2018 is a good proof.

Q: What are the specific aspects of Weifa’s “laying the foundation” over the past decade?

Yang Lian: This foundation includes production technology, raw material supply chain, R&D technology, market channels, etc., thus Weifa has also formed a differentiated development model that is different from its peers. For example, Weifa is the first domestic enterprise that imports solid wood for custom home modularization and industrial production. In fact, the use of imported solid wood manufacturing in the early stage is likely to cause problems such as excessive inventory backlog and large material loss, so few peers Have given up one after another. However, we are positioned to do “high-end whole-house customization”, and it must inevitably match the “high-end” in materials. After many trial and error, Weifa currently provides customers with safer and more in line with the configuration standards of millions of European products. Environmentally friendly, more durable customized products and services. At the same time, we extend this model to paint series, leather series and other products.

Q: What is the current construction progress of Weifa New Base? What impact is expected to bring to the enterprise?

Yang Lian: The Weifa production base has been basically completed and is still in the final commissioning stage. We expect it to be fully operational in September this year. The base consists of a three-story factory building with a floor area of 30,000 square meters and a five-story office building with a floor area of 5,000 square meters. Through the entry of flexible production lines and equipment imported from Germany, it is possible to realize the automated production of personalized custom home orders, which greatly improves production efficiency and better controls the error rate within millimeters. We expect that after the new base is put into production, the production capacity will be more than doubled, which can basically guarantee a custom delivery cycle of 35 days.


It is understood that the new production plant of Weifa is planned and designed by the German Schuler. In addition to equipment upgrades, heavy investment will also be invested in the construction of an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system to realize the automation and mechanization of the entire production process and the seamless connection between the warehouse and each subsystem . At the same time, the German Hammer CNC blanking machine introduced by the new production line has an efficiency that is more than 30% higher than the original model, and the processing error is controlled within 0.5 mm. This will mark the transformation and upgrading of Weifa to flexible production and intelligent manufacturing. It is also Mr. Yang Lian’s hope for the foundation of enterprise development: shopping malls are like battlefields, soldiers and horses are not moving, food and grass are first, and technology is at its cost. High-end “grass grass” invested.

When referring to the new base of Weifa, one cannot bypass a 853-meter-long and 10-meter-wide road where the base is located. At the beginning of this year, many home furnishing companies were caught in the mire of the epidemic “Black Swan” incident, but Weifa turned the crisis into a turning point, and also reap the happy events. One of them was the permission issued by the Zhongshan Municipal Government. Lang Road was renamed Weifa Road. This administrative license has given the name Weifa more meaning, and also means that the brand it represents will enter a new stage of development.

Q: Taking this opportunity of renaming the road, what is your outlook for the future development of Weifa?

Yang Lian: With the foundation laid before, we hope to spread the modern minimalist style advocated by Weifa to more families in the future. This is the style positioning that I insisted on at the beginning of the establishment of Weifa. After years of trial and error, it is only now that this style is fully understood. Although in the eyes of ordinary people, the modern style is simple and even a bit plain, but it is very difficult to really show it because it cannot be covered by the voluminous decorative elements like European style and Chinese style. This is a job that depends entirely on real skills and cannot be clever. No errors are allowed in the production and service process.

Fortunately, the post-80s and 90s have gradually become the main force of consumption, bringing more attention and favor to our brand. From the data point of view, the modern style of whole-house customization has been increasing year by year, and our customer unit price has also increased from 100,000 to millions, and we are also very popular in second- and third-tier cities. Interestingly, the more popular the hardcover rooms are, the more customers will use Weifa. For example, in the new real estate community in Shenzhen, there have been a lot of “sales”.

Q: Why did Weifa choose the subdivision of “high-end whole-house customization” to develop?

Yang Lian: Choosing the “high-end whole-house customization” “track”, on the one hand, we have fancy its development prospects and market potential, on the other hand, it also matches the technical background of our core team, of course My personal interest preferences. Before going to Milan to see the exhibition, I found that the top ten cabinet brands in Europe are all doing modern styles, so I firmly chose this style. Positioning as high-end and locating consumer groups is the affluent 10% of China’s population. It is differentiated competition. “Small but refined” also allows us to provide customers with more in-depth and more tailored services. Moreover, Weifa’s product design, materials, and production are also high-end configurations in China. We are confident that we can serve 10% of the high-end people well.

There is a saying in business, “Choosing the right track is more important than running hard.” It is often the right direction to start. At present, many custom home furnishing companies that are positioned as mid-to-high-end have labelled themselves with the “Parallel Law” and “The Same Paragraph”, this approach undoubtedly also reflects the market position and influence of Weifa. For Yang Lian, Weifa’s high-end positioning is more than that.

Weifa started as a cabinet when it started a business. After discovering that there were various consumer pain points in custom cabinets at that time, Yang Lian clearly stated the company’s mission, “Let the Chinese enjoy the kitchen.” In the open “kitchen room” lifestyle dominated by Weifa at that time, consumers found that the kitchen was not only used for cooking and cleaning, but also a space to relax themselves and feel the happiness of the family, and quickly set off a “kitchen revolution” in China. . This concept, when Yang Lian decided to fully enter the field of high-end whole house customization, he and the team developed a complete service process of up to 25 steps.

Q: In your opinion, why does the whole house customization require such meticulous service?

Yang Lian: Those who have done decoration will know that home decoration is an extremely tedious and lengthy process, especially the decoration of high-end mansions and villas involves more extensive, longer and more complicated process, construction cycle and product technology. And customers choose to customize the whole house, just want to get a one-stop decoration solution. Therefore, I think that 60% of the whole house customization is selling products and 40% is selling services. At each decoration node, corresponding services are required to keep up, so as to ensure the final perfect delivery and give customers a better consumer experience. We not only provide personalized customized products, but also upgrade the living space for customers to beautiful, environmentally friendly and healthy palace-level home enjoyment.

Q: How does Weifa meet the needs of high-end consumers?

Yang Lian: Now the updating and iteration of home design is getting faster and faster, especially the group we serve has impeccable knowledge, vision and aesthetics, and cultivation, so it will also have higher aesthetic requirements. Play with different designs. No matter the product design, quality process to image display, service, etc., Weifa is set according to the living habits and daily needs of high-end circles. To this end, we often organize customers, designers to organize activities such as hiking, golf, skiing, diving, etc., in order to deeply feel the demands and preferences of customers, and better design and develop new products. At the same time, we also learn from the professional five-star service industry. Customization of the whole house requires the back-end industrialized large-scale production to lay the foundation, and the front-end must be aligned with professional five-star services.