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On the evening of July 30th, Beijing time, Ideal Auto was successfully listed on Nasdaq in the United States, becoming the second listed company among the new car-making forces in China, and also the first company that HikeCapital, with its travel genes, has harvested in the next five years of its establishment. An IPO project.

Hike Capital was co-founded by Yang Haoyong, founder of Chehaoduo Group and Ganji, and Xu Shi, founder of Netease News APP, to help entrepreneurs connect with core contacts and resources, and accompany entrepreneurs to continuously break boundaries. As a new unicorn catcher, Hike Capital has invested in Guazi second-hand cars, ideal cars, flashing, spark thinking and other companies.

In September 2019, Xu Shi was invited to participate in the world’s top private equity industry event-“Super Return Asia”, and delivered a speech entitled “Travel in China: Transformation and Reconstruction in the Next Ten Years” to share with global investors The research and investment experience of Hikein the travel industry. In addition to trends and visions, Xu Shi has always emphasized that Hike hopes to seize structural opportunities, adhere to long-term thinking and value investment, and continue to deploy industrial investment to help innovative entrepreneurs.

Xu Shi has been in this industry for more than 15 years, helping shareholders manage fund pools and projects of more than billions of yuan or billions of dollars. She said that the speed of speech is very fast, and the constant flow of the heart and the double speed of the brain can be stable and fascinating. Listening to her talk about the projects that have been or are in operation, you will feel that you are enjoying a full swing of founder Thomas. The investor should have been a concentrating lottery player in the arena, sweating, but she is calm and relaxed, because she Knowing that what an investor requires is not power, not control, but to understand and promote the speed and efficiency of the operation of this industry.

The listing of Ideal Motors is also the first IPO project of HIke's layout of the travel track, and Hike will continue to pay attention to the travel industry in the future

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Xu Shi said that changes in energy and ownership levels will bring about unstoppable electrification, and this change will create huge and inestimable opportunities. Ideal Auto is an enterprise invested by Hike Capital. The three waves of electrification, networking and intelligence will be superimposed, which will make many new commercial application scenarios appear in the future. In the fourth global auto industry reform that has already begun, China’s auto industry is likely Stand in the middle of the stage. Both Yang Haoyong and I insisted that Li Xiang’s understanding of the automotive industry and determination of the ideal car, no one in China can do better than him. The ideal of becoming the number one smart electric vehicle company in China and the world’s largest autonomous driving operator are both ideals that are very likely to be realized in the near future.

According to the CIC report, China’s new energy vehicle sales increased from 300,000 in 2016 to 1.1 million in 2019, a compound annual growth rate of 54.6%. From 2020 to 2024, sales of new energy vehicles are expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 34.5%. In 2019, sales of new energy vehicles accounted for only 5.0% of total passenger vehicle sales, but by 2025, sales of new energy vehicles will account for 25% of total vehicle sales. Huge industry changes have provided Chinese innovators with the opportunity to build companies with a market value of 100 billion US dollars.

Technologies such as smart interconnection and autonomous driving may make China the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of smart electric vehicles.Hike Capital has entered into the business of second-hand car and new car trading, auto insurance, car after-car, auto finance, etc. through its investment in the Chehaodu Group. In the future, there will be room for continued growth in the business; ideal car is the head team of smart electric vehicles, which recognizes products The in-depth knowledge and the building of team delivery capabilities will also become a new car force comparable to Tesla in the future; under the general trend of networking, electrification and autonomous driving, software will redefine cars.

Xu Shi said, “In the future, Ideal Auto may also cooperate with multiple business modules of Chehaoduo Group. For example, there is room for cooperation in automobile transactions or after-cars. The used cars of Maodou have a layout in more than 200 cities across the country and open platforms. Cooperation with car dealers is being actively carried out. The largest second-network scale in the country such as Maodou will bring huge resource synergy value to the ideal.”


The listing of Ideal Motors is also the first IPO project of HIke’s layout of the travel track, and Hike will continue to pay attention to the travel industry in the future. “With the policy update and industry competition, industry competition in the travel field will continue to escalate. Only a few leading companies can accumulate energy for subsequent outbreaks through advance deployment of technology and costs.” Xu Shi said, in the industry change belt In the coming investment window period, Hike Capital will continue to lay out the travel industry chain, provide high-value post-investment services and strategic cooperation in the industrial synergy of the investment landscape, provide key resources for outstanding CEOs, and accompany outstanding entrepreneurs to do the difficult and correct thing.

The competitiveness of products and services has become the focus of competition, and new technologies such as intelligence and networking have also added to the ideal competitiveness of enterprises. The precise positioning of Ideal ONE, the first mass-produced product of Ideal Auto, makes it almost no direct competition product. Large luxury electric SUVs are equipped with extended-range systems and smart car solutions, which successfully solve the pain points of new energy vehicle users without mileage anxiety.

As a super product manager, Li Xianghe’s team has always spent the most resources and time on how to create core value and experience products for users. In addition, Li Xiang said that the next three years will only focus on the upgrade of the ideal ONE, and the “upgradable” capability has become the essential difference between smart cars and traditional cars. Based on a comprehensive user experience of advantageous performance, design, quality, and price, Ideal ONE ranked first in China’s hybrid power segment for three consecutive months from January to April 2020. Xu Shi said, “We are convinced that based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, there will be major changes in all chains of the entire industry in the big travel industry. We also expect that every invested company will grow into a towering tree and grow into a forest in coordination with each other.”