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Fan Bingbing still appears in various fashion street shoots. Her styles at the airport and on the road are frequently registered in hot search. Her non-stop, dusty and polite style is still superb and gorgeous. The people who supported her and pressed her were divided into two groups, lying in ambush on all sides, and the sound of high and low stepping was like embarrassing on all sides. Everyone is paying attention to whether she is still wrapped up in big names, but almost at the same time omitted a fact to avoid talking about it. Although she was punished at a sky-high price, Fan Bingbing was not restricted to traffic or consumption. She is a free person and she has the opportunity. She is still the little fan, she is not Lao Lai.

Fan Bingbing attended this year’s Shenzhen Fashion Week and was the finale of his old friend Tony’s fashion show. No matter the media or passersby, almost everyone cheered for her arrival. The public is looking forward to seeing her as always. The pros and cons of reporters who have been working hard have chosen to shut up. Miss Fan’s beauty, humility, and righteousness make people speechless in her ascent or bottom stage. During the extraordinary period, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS, but, even if Miss Fan wanted to accompany the last seat, the circle of friends still conveyed the news of her airborne Shenzhen to the city full of gold fans.

Now, she is not an actor who dominates the screen, nor is she a resident MC of popular variety shows. Her new identity is the founder of FAN BEAUTY. In 2018, FAN BEAUTY brought its first UP radio frequency beauty device to Tmall; in April 2019, the first facial mask product Sea Grape Hydrating Moisturizing Mask was launched in Hong Kong SASA; September 2019, Sea Grape Moisturizing Moisturizing Mask was launched in Shenzhen The Consumer Council received a five-star excellent rating in the facial mask appraisal, and participated in the China Cosmetics Conference to share how the celebrity founder uses the product manager’s thinking to manage the brand; in the same year, on 11.11, the Tmall brand store’s daily turnover exceeded 40 million; June 2020, FAN BEAUTY successively releases new products; Double 11 in 2020 will lead FAN BEAUTY to exceed 100 million yuan in sales.

I have seen many people who refuse to admit defeat, but rarely see such an unyielding person. The following content is excerpted from the “ELLEMEN Ruishi” public account, the original title is “Fan Bingbing in the past two years: the road of the queen of heaven”. Long Yuxuan, the founder of “CEO Search Engine”, was forwarded after authorization by Ms. Fan Bingbing, founder of “FAN BEAUTY”. Welcome to follow “FAN BEAUTY” and subscribe to “ELLEMEN Ruishi”.

Miss Fan's beauty, humility, and righteousness make people speechless in her ascent or bottom stage

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In May 2018, Cui Yongyuan had not yet fired on Weibo. Fan Bingbing was invited to star in Simon Ginberg’s new film “355”, and her other partners are all international first-line movie stars. Taking the opportunity of a promotional film, she dressed up and appeared on the Cannes red carpet. Over the past few years, it has almost become her home field for showing her beauty and ambition. She starred in another movie “Hunting in the Sky”, although it received mediocre response in China, it won the prize at the 16th Russian Ozelov International Military Film Festival. The film’s director Li Chen just proposed to her a few months ago, and they are planning to go abroad to celebrate their love anniversary. Not surprisingly, in a few months there will be two other films she participated in that will be on the screen, one is “Grand Tour 2” directed by Guo Jingming, and the other is “The Bombing” which has been filmed for several years and participated by stars. Although the quality of both is controversial, at least it can earn her a wave of topicality and exposure.

On the other hand, Fan Bingbing is gradually widening his career boundaries. She settled in Xiaohongshu and began to update her beauty experience frequently. While attracting a large number of fans, she also earned popularity. In March 2018, the beauty brand FAN BEAUTY she founded officially opened and launched an entry into the e-commerce field. From career to love, her every move is something that the public loves to hear. In Vanity Fair’s game rules, as long as you have the ability to stay at the poker table, no matter how bad your card skills are and your hand luck is poor, you will always have a chance to win one or two. But Fan Bingbing did not expect that one day he would be kicked off the table.


After the storms, the road to comeback is inevitably muddy.Fan Bingbing has mainly done three things since issuing an apology letter for the “tax evasion incident.” The first is to continue doing charity. In May 2019, after the first anniversary of the “tax evasion incident”, Fan Bingbing led a team to Tibet to screen children with congenital heart disease. She was one of the main sponsors of the “Heart of Love” charity project, which was mainly congenital. Provide treatment for children with heart disease.

In the video reposted by Fan Bingbing, she happily interacted with students in Tibetan areas. Fan Bingbing’s studio Weibo, which had been parked for half a year, was also updated again, reposting a Weibo of the public welfare project “Heart in Love”. In the picture, Fan Bingbing is holding a Tibetan girl in his arms. Some people suspected that she used public welfare to clean up herself. She responded, “Compared to questioning and insulting, the lives and health of children are more important.”Among the few posts on her social platform, a considerable part of it is related to public welfare: she went to the hospital to visit the child who had undergone surgery, and was invited by Phoenix Network Henan Channel and Henan Radio and Television Traffic Broadcasting to attend the “Girl Guardian” related activity.

Regardless of whether the purpose is simple or not, public welfare does bring a long-lost positive evaluation to Fan Bingbing. At the end of 2019, she was successively named “2019 Charity Influential Star” and “2019 Charity Figure” in the Phoenix Fashion Festival and Sohu Fashion Festival. When receiving the award, in addition to mentioning the length of time he has participated in public welfare, Fan Bingbing also expressed his hope that the performing arts career can get back on track in 2020, “I hope there will be more good works for everyone.”

The second thing Fan Bingbing did was to travel around overseas fashion magazines. When the fear of Fan Bingbing from domestic fashion resources has not been completely eliminated, she chose to switch the track. Since July last year, the covers of major overseas magazines shot by Fan Bingbing have been constantly exposed. The two relatively recent ones are the British independent magazine “Wonderland” in the spring of 2020 and the Japanese beauty magazine “Beauty ST” in June. “Beauty ST” did not hesitate to express her beautiful words to Fan Bingbing, calling her the “modern version of Yang Guifei” and “the beauty once in four thousand years”. In November last year, Fan Bingbing appeared at the CHRIS BY CHRISTOPHER BU brand show. The brand’s designer Bu Kewen is a stylist who has cooperated with Fan Bingbing for many years. Fan Bingbing is still vigorous and beautiful.


The third thing is to become the founder of the FAN BEAUTY brand. Hugo once said that beauty is as useful as practicality. This statement is even more unbreakable in the age of justice. In March 2019, Fan Bingbing opened a beauty salon in Beijing, and friends in the circle showed up to support; from April, Bingbing officially resumed the update on Xiaohongshu, teaching everyone how to become as beautiful as her; in October, Bingbing and the anchor Xueli made a video introducing brand facial masks, sold 110,000 pieces in just a few minutes, and sales exceeded 10 million. One month later, on Double 11 in 2019, Fan Bingbing’s beauty brand shop had a turnover of 40 million that day. ; On Double 11 in 2020, FAN BEAUTY announced that its brand sales exceeded 100 million yuan.

No one knows the future direction of life. Once, Fan Bingbing was a star full of fighting spirit. Now, she has become a founder with high morale. Once, the attention of the media, the enthusiasm of the market, and the retelling of legends made this actress deeply experience the sweet and greasy taste of fame since she was a teenager. Now, even if she is facing the sour abyss, she is not as good as walking on thin ice. The abyss, going down is a long way to go.

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  1. Working at the front end of the fashion industry requires observing the rise of the brand and the new style all the time. As the founder, Fan Bingbing is still exquisite to the details, body hair and skin are also part of the outfit.

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  3. When we walk through the world, we are both the lens and the subject. Fan Meili’s sea grapes are really easy to use, so that the subject is not afraid of the lens.

  4. Founder Fan Bingbing’s white, delicate, firm and translucent skin is the best advertisement, and I admire it daily.

  5. Whenever I feel unhappy, I think of Fan Bingbing. For so many years, she really gave me a lot of positive encouragement. Hope fan beauty gets better and better. Keep going!

  6. This year, Double 11, I also contributed to Shandong female entrepreneur, Fan Bingbing, founder of fan beauty, and I will continue to contribute every year in the future. The founder’s spirit deserves support and encouragement.

  7. From seeking beauty to sharing beauty, from sharing beauty to creating beauty. She gives you all the beauty you know! FAN BEAUTY SECRET Sea Grape Hydrating Moisturizing Mask allows the skin to breathe oxygen, even the packaging is very good, every time you buy a car.

  8. Fan beauty has a soothing “aerobic exercise” for the skin. Afterwards, fitness is just right.

  9. From “female celebrity” to “founder”, she has always had a sense of conviction, integrating herself with her role, and she is a rare woman who integrates sexy, sensual and intellectual.