「伊利」舒华奶〡无乳糖 营养好吸收

From remodeling to transcendence, from transcendence to transformation, perseveringly challenged and set off to a new field, it is the gene king explosion in Tony&tony’s founder Tony. On October 24, after the successful completion of the TONY AND TONES debut in Shenzhen Fashion Week; on the evening of the 27th, Tony&tony’s re-released the 2021 spring and summer series. A designer-associated brand has two shows at the same time on the runway of Fashion Week. It is almost a unique setting and an impossible task. However, the founder of “CEO Search Engine” Long Yuxuan and co-founder Su Xin received it. Two invitations from Tony.

The guests Tony invited are all queen stars who can cause pupil earthquakes. The famous actress and Hong Kong-style beauty Wen Bixia opened the show in a brandy pink over-the-ankle long skirt; Fan Bingbing, the actor and founder of FAN BEAUTY, wore Tony&tony’s green satin dresses to attend the show. Lin Shuwei of You¹ meditates in the front row in Tony&tony’s green grid suit. The audience is beautiful and delicious.

Before the show, Tony&tony’s PR director YOYO introduced to the fashion editor of “CEO Search Engine” that the new season’s Tony&tony’s collection was inspired by European women’s wear in the mid-twentieth century. It reinterpreted the retro fashion with lace elements through deconstruction of retro aesthetics. With modern and fashionable elements, it interprets a sense of mysterious fashion, presents a more feminine, flexible, French romantic charm and brilliance, and regains women’s ultimate pursuit of retro sentiment.

Fan Bingbing, the actor and founder of FAN BEAUTY, wore Tony&tony's green satin dresses to attend the show

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Perfuming is the same as flirting, it is an adventure. The source of inspiration for Tony&tony’s 2021SS is the French film “Fang Fang”. Fangfang in the movie is a beautiful, sexy, smart, and straightforward girl who is about to graduate from the perfumery department of university. The appearance of a person in love is always an occupational disease. You must first use your left brain to make perfume, according to your feeling, whether it smells good or not, love at first sight or never use it; then use your right brain to force yourself to forget your sense of smell and become a scientist, just like Love brains become archeologists when they start to fall in love.

Perfume, like fashion, the difference in design is often very small and subtle. I have seen almost all Tony&tony’s shows. Starting from “The Woman in the Frame”, I no longer only look at Tony’s clothes. He has been so interesting that you want to explore the world in his eyes. I see that he is firm-willed, has clear goals, will actively adjust the plan, and will rationally review the overall situation. This process requires a lot of experience, a very strong foundation and a very tacit team cooperation, relying on the strong resilience of Century Sakura, Tony Kuaishou is easy to do.

Fan Bingbing, the actor and founder of FAN BEAUTY, wore Tony&tony's green satin dresses to attend the show


Retro is a hot word this year, but what is retro, is it cheating on the old? In this year’s fashion week, Tony is one of the few, almost unique designers who understands and expresses the highest level of retro, that is, “classical modernity”.

Tony&tony’s is good at using exaggerated accessories and collocations to add fashion to the overall shape, and every detail is the ultimate expression of personality. In Plato’s philosophy, the circle is the purest shape. With its pure simplicity, it reflects the authenticity of the entire world. Tony boldly uses color collisions to arrange the circles in a dreamy and fashionable way. The vest and shirt are stacked and matched. Putting on the wide shorts, the loose opening way gives people a sense of playfulness without restraint, sweet and cool, and who wears it is tender. I have to say that Tony is capable of unlimited power supply, calling off the beautiful frozen man, 100,000 volts and Pikachu are both cool and warm.

Of course, every designer hopes to be loved and sought after by more people. Tony is more direct and stubborn. He loves traffic out of words, but he is not eager to please everyone at once. He is too individual and too avant-garde to comment on how the outside world is eager. He knows that culture and art are not without additions, but with reality. Zoom in. Fashion should be classic, family heirloom, and long-term, but its first choice should be interesting, eye-catching, and special.

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  1. Hello everyone, I am Dai Jianqing, the founder of Caohua Interactive. I watched the Tony&tony’s spring and summer fashion show in the Douyin live broadcast room. The lovely Chef Lin was very handsome in Tony&tony’s. Not long ago, Caohua Interactive released China’s first mobile game “Chinese Restaurant”, which is the first simulation operation mobile game featuring celebrity restaurants. This is an IP mobile game of the same name authorized by Mango Taiwan’s “Chinese Restaurant” adaptation.

    In the game, the player will become the manager of a Chinese restaurant, and together with the celebrity partners, will operate a Chinese restaurant in Koh Chang from scratch. Sign up to collect celebrity cards, formulate Chinese cuisine recipes with favorite celebrities, date, unlock restaurant events, collaborate and care for each other, use craftsmanship to make a proud Chinese taste, and promote Chinese food culture. Waiting for you to take.

  2. A founder who does not have a global mindset is not a good designer. Tony is not a major, but a designer who has grown rapidly. From Shenzhen to the world, he has delivered internationally recognized results. Compared with some academics, Tony&tony’s has a more open vision and insight, and is also more market-oriented, knowing how to make its designs speak to people of different cultural backgrounds around the world.

  3. Tony built a pedestrian street and an open theater in the Show room out of thin air. If the ready-to-wear itself is a statement sentence, then the show is a second exposure. Tony made it into a classic drama that is worth watching. It is recommended that the fashion week official award Tony&tony’s with a “best presentation award.”

  4. I felt the difference in the show, and Tony&tony’s can get out of the street better. Later, according to sources, 2021SS was the first show after the original owner left. Tony didn’t know how to do it. After running two consecutive stops, it was amazing and the light continued to grow. Also as the founder, I very much agree with Tony’s talent reserve ability, not to be surprised, self-reliant, and meritocracy. It’s worth to admire.

  5. I saw Ms. Fan Bingbing at the big show. She is an actress, a queen, a star, an entrepreneur and a founder. Dressed in Tony&tony’s, she swayed her graceful and confident queen charm freely. The crown can’t heal headaches, but it can correct her posture and make another success.

  6. For an advertisement, Tony&tony’s was established in 2014. It is a brand focusing on high-end ready-to-wear and high-end dress customization. It is favored by celebrities and international fashionistas. The founder, Tony, hopes to create top-notch new styles for more successful new women, define his own unique HER era, and make every moment the most beautiful moment in his life.

  7. When people are deeply in a strong and dizzying visual experience, while the eyeballs will be subdued by those super-sensory shocks, but at the same time they begin to pick on the craftsmanship of excellence, Tony&tony’s has almost achieved both.

  8. A designer, and the founder at the same time, releases two brand lines of ready-to-wear garments. How to highlight the differences is my biggest concern. In a market full of similar products, especially the fashion industry, I think Tony has not only found differentiation, but is also trying to make a thorough breakdown of the road, running and overtaking in corners.

  9. The macaron color is unreservedly presented in the classic suit by Tony. The folds of black and white gold or emerald green, the dynamic flowing shirts, skirts, and wide-leg pants are all impressive. The whole is clean and tidy, full of local details, youthful and a unique sense of luxury. Even the emerald green logo pajamas of his models want to buy.

    • Tony&tony’s 2021SS spring/summer high-end ready-to-wear ready-to-wear reservations: If you want to choose more styles, you can go to the store address: Tony&tony’s integrated store (TONY FASHION LAB, Gaobei 16th Creative Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)

  10. Fan Ye’s dress of the same style chooses silk material, which is more feminine than ordinary cotton and linen, and the texture is more advanced. The effect of visually optimizing the proportion is more obvious. It is in this proposition to satisfy the female protagonists of all ideas. , Tony&tony’s is getting better and better solution.

  11. I like Tony’s one-piece jumpsuit most. They are sloppy and fashionable. You can go out with your bags without tangling. BTW, Tony&tony’s accessories are too extra points. They successfully implanted the chronological drama into the current fashion trend. The light color and comfortable silhouette have changed the grandma’s style very much.