「伊利」舒华奶〡无乳糖 营养好吸收

Whenever fashion week comes, we always seem to feel the dazzling atmosphere it brings. Whether it is the human-shaped logo on the giant curtain wall, the alphabet adorned in it, or the fashionable men and women passing by, they are all so amazing. Tony&tony’s in the 2021SS Shenzhen Fashion Week is A56, marking the finale. No matter where the show takes place, Tony’s show is always in a stormy situation, a ticket is hard to find, people in black frequently block the way before entering the venue, so as long as they hold a legal ticket, ordinary viewers will automatically inhale the superiority of being selected.

Fashion design is a profession based on love and interest. It sounds like a magical sense of towering in the sky. In Shenzhen, an extremely realistic city, watering the idealistic flowers is not an easy task. Tony, the founder of the right career, enjoys it and is his own. Since 2014 Tony&tony’s brand was born, Tony has accumulated countless loyal customers and fans for Tony&tony’s by virtue of its inherent unique fun, creativity, empathy, compatibility and other elements, as well as remarkable color use style.

Tony has accumulated countless loyal customers and fans for Tony&tony's by virtue of its inherent unique fun, creativity, empathy, compatibility and other elements, as well as remarkable color use style

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Tony believes that fashion is not only an aesthetic of dressing, but also a self-solving adventure. In the fierce social changes and competition in the workplace, contemporary women have experienced the appearance of a demon, but the depressed emotions in their hearts can easily trigger allergic reactions. Tony&tony’s captured the huge contrast hidden under the faces of girls, using candy-colored Imagination interprets the rational coexistence of gentleness and strength. Being strong is not about being out of sight, but on purpose.

Taking this as a lesson, in the 2021 spring/summer series, Tony&tony’s has both heroic silhouettes and straight lines, as well as a very feminine curve design. No matter in terms of functionality, ductility, practicality and compatibility, it is all Women in different scenes have more consideration, trying to make every girl who “wear it, wear it and wear it” full of vitality and fairy spirit. Therefore, we can see that Tony girls wearing Tony&tony’s never have to aggressively declare feminism or scream for independence. The highest level of feminization is cohesion, a natural state of relaxation, lightness, rigidity and softness. .


As the founder and chief designer of the Tony&tony’ brand, Tony insists on drawing inspiration from multiple artistic fields. Literature, drama, film and the stories behind them are all sources that arouse Tony’s strong creative desire. From “Roman Holiday”, “Gone with the Wind”, to this season’s “Fang Fang”, romanticism is obviously the key word in all the released series. Fangfang is straightforward, romantic, daring to love and hate, and her love is beginning. Mirrors, lace, and puff sleeves are all her fireworks. Tony received these magnetic documents signed by FANFAN in the air, and he used patterns, colors, and craftsmanship skillfully. While reflecting the elegance and simplicity of fashion, he gave wings to his imagination.

Living in the city of Paris, next to the Seine, walk into a street at will in the afternoon, or the Fangfang Huali Street, or Sissi’s Champs Elysees, as green, quiet and comfortable. On a sunny day, the blue sky here is like washing, and the sky is blue; on a cloudy day, large clouds are spread out, like a fairyland, beautiful. The water of the Seine floats gently under the touch of the wind. Except for the church and the iron tower, there are basically four or five-story low buildings around. You stand on the street and watch the scenery, and the people who watch the scenery look at you upstairs.

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  1. Mini, Pro, and Max fashions, which women love most, I think this is a problem for women themselves. Seeing a show, Tony&tony’s allows the young, middle-aged and young to get what they need.

  2. In the era of information fragmentation, people have long been tired of the messy and fast-moving clothes on Taobao, and are increasingly yearning for fashions that can be savored and worth keeping. Even if you are unfamiliar with Tony&tony’s, unfamiliar with Century Sakura, or have a gap with the retro era, you can get fashion inspiration after seeing Tony&tony’s. Tony does not preach, he is a great teacher.

  3. Whether it is creating a fashion, designing a beauty, or launching a cross-border collaboration, Tony&tony’s continues to touch all aspects of fashion culture. Obviously, the current Tony&tony’s is not only limited to the ready-to-wear itself, but is constantly seeking new inspirations and techniques with fashion as a core point, while extending the brand as a way of life. Every founder wants to do this.

  4. Almost everyone wants to take the best path in life. Some people say that we should use our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, while others say that we should learn from each other. Does the “best strategy in life” really exist? Tony&tony’s entrepreneurial spirit can inspire many founders who have crossed the border.

  5. At the big show, Tony and Fan Bingbing were very friendly, and they staged a “close-to-the-ear killing” in low-pitched conversations, which made the audience scream for friendship. Bingbing is still full of feminine power and feminine beauty. Chef Lin is a gentleman, and Tony&tony’s circle of friends is gorgeous and not low-key.

  6. I have to say that the green dress really has a kind of magical power, with the retro red lips bright and moving, but also a bit delicate and charming. However, I can’t let me pay the balance alone. On Double 11, are there any guys who plan to empty the shopping cart occupied by Tony&tony’s together?

    • Tony&tony’s was established in 2014. It is a brand focusing on high-end ready-to-wear and high-end dress customization. It is favored by celebrities and international fashionistas. The boss Tony is known as the “godfather of fashion”. The original intention of Tony&tony’s was to create top-notch new styles for more successful new women, define his own unique HER era, and make every moment the most beautiful moment in his life. . He is a nice boss and excellent Founder.

  7. A designer, and the founder at the same time, releases two brand lines of ready-to-wear garments. How to highlight the differences is my biggest concern. In a market full of similar products, especially the fashion industry, I think Tony has not only found differentiation, but is also trying to make a thorough breakdown of the road, running and overtaking in corners.

  8. Tony&tony’s big show ended, but the fashion index did not decline, and everyone’s enthusiasm for fashion remained unchanged. In the past few days, I have been seeing the beautiful photos returned from the circle of friends one after another. My inner OS is: it’s over, the workers have been planted again.

  9. Female celebrity fashion repo, plant grass after reading, Tony&tony’s clothing is public and Buddhist, high-end and grounded, immortal, but getting closer and closer to daily life, it is a very good adjustment compared with previous seasons. I believe that Tony&tony’s will embark on a very quick and successful road to marketization.