「伊利」舒华奶〡无乳糖 营养好吸收


Besides Rain God, what would you say about Xiao Jingteng, singing God and singing man?

Before he became the founder, Xiao Jingteng gave me the feeling that those lengthy music reviews could not be described. Only Wang Wei, who has traveled through any gate to modern times for many times, bought tickets to see his concerts, and also witnessed and sang in a close range in the infield, can have such a vivid and handed down famous sentence as “sitting alone in the youhuang, playing the piano and roaring again”.

On the flight to Chengdu, Su Xin and I revisited Xiao Jingteng’s Hongguan concert at an altitude of 10000 meters. Su Xin said that at present, there are only two Chinese singers in the world, Xiao Jingteng and Eason Chan. Sighing can tear people apart, and hi song can sing Gu. Wearing colorful clothes on them is like growing out of bones.

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Knitted Waistcoat: LAGOGO Dunhuang Lucky Animal series
Shoes: Conner Flying Feather


I went to Chengdu “Fu Mian mian” to explore the store with Su Xin, the co-founder of “CEO search engine”. Su Xin is from Chongqing and has an absolute say in eating noodles. After eating, I asked him how he felt. He said that if there was any sense of diners, it was integration first, not the deliberate correspondence of Sichuan flavor. I vaguely remember that the original sentence of this sentence was Lin Shaohua talking about his views on translation. Mr. Lin Shaohua is a translator of Norwegian forest, a great gourmet and a gourmet.

“Fu mian” has a great background. The founder is a big star and the best male singer in the hearts of countless people – Xiao Jingteng. In April, 2021, Fu Mian opened in taiguli, the most gorgeous business district in Chengdu, and was fully occupied. If you let others guess who the star boss of this store is without knowing it at all, most people may never expect it to be Xiao Jingteng, but if you reveal the answer, fans who are a little familiar with him can say one, two or three, which proves that this is completely his style of behavior, exactly right, targeted.

For example, my first reason is that people who have not successfully been a kicker and have always maintained the level of a temple dare not break ground on Taisui and dare not play with a knife in front of Guan Gong. If Chengdu is the capital of eminent monks of Chinese pasta, no one should jump out and vote against the challenge. Whether it is the pasta restaurant now or the singing world in those days, Xiao Jingteng chose the place with the highest density of masters and the highest concentration of murderous gas. Although “there is no first place in literature and no second place in martial arts”, those who are brave enough to open restaurants in Chengdu are surprised by their skills, which are by no means comparable to ordinary people.

Second, as the rightful founder, Xiao Jingteng used the title of manager. In the catering industry, the person in charge should be a chef, just as the person in charge of the fashion industry is a designer. I think such a deliberate distinction shows that only founders have the good intentions to be accurate to four decimal places. This person, who is recognized as the first speaker of the provincial dialect, has already told the world in the interview of the opening ceremony that “Fu mian” is a craft business, and catering is a way of conscience. We “self support! Self support! Self support!”, Therefore, there is no franchise fee, no leek cutting, no huhuwei, no fake hands, no deception, just roll up your sleeves and work hard. Our goal is to stand at 30. Please know that at that time, the so-called same door problem had not been deeply solved in the whole network, so all questions later should not be half understood to target the shrapnel at innocent people. The founder had long said so.


I am from Chongqing, Sichuan and Chongqing. Our local people can cook three meals a day, except hot pot and noodles. Adults have told you since childhood that the best noodles to eat are at the foot of the house or the fly restaurant in the alley at the foot of the house. This is not consensus, but common sense. There is a significant difference between consensus and common sense: consensus needs to be reached through negotiation; Common sense is learned from childhood, practiced and used to it. I don’t know whether it’s right or not. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong. People around me, whether they are three or four generations, all act like this.

Taiguli, located in the downtown of Chengdu, is a business district and scenic spot. In theory, local people will not go to eat noodles. However, “Fu mian” is overcrowded, and there are not a few people who speak Sichuan dialect. Soon after its opening, the list of “must eat list” voted by national netizens can be temporarily ignored. It is indeed a bit overbearing to successfully join the “Chengdu top 100 small noodles list” selected by Sichuan local people. The kicker scored twice, and with his own strength, he just entered the Jianghu that outsiders can’t shake, which makes people have to sigh: “applaud and applaud” may really be the founder’s mother child solid.

Some people specially come to eat noodles and lick their lips with relish; Some people specially punch in and smile at the camera, talking and laughing. Looking at “Fu mian” from this perspective, I feel a little like Madame Tussauds. I saw a diner taking a photo with Xiao Jingteng’s human figure while waiting for a table. While walking with her friend Amway: many stars came to call “Fu mian”. I felt starry when I ate it for the first time, and I felt starry when I ate it more than a few times.


Xiao Jingteng settled in Sichuan and started a business. He is on the hot search list every day. Chengdu, a city that people don’t want to leave when they come, has another celebrity spokesperson, honorary citizen and popular CEO. Entrepreneurship is always easier said than done. Star entrepreneurship is often interpreted by the outside world as ticket playing, money circling or flow cashing. In fact, the so-called income is not enough to offset the time cost paid by artists, and the momentary lost way exploration is not worth the loss.

I believe Xiao Jingteng is serious about starting a business called “Fu Mianmian”. Otherwise, if he wants to make money and buy a house in Chengdu, he can have other options with higher profits. Putting aside the well-known reasons of super high popularity and topic popularity, for musicians like Xiao Jingteng, the biggest advantages of entrepreneurship should also be: first, he knows better than other ordinary entrepreneurs that rhythm is very important; Secondly, less is more. Focus and concentrate all resources on the core business, so “Fu mian” only sells noodles, does not engage in home runs, and avoids the trap of perfectionism.

Next week, Su Xin and I will go to “Fu mian” on Yan’an Road in Hangzhou to continue exploring the store. I know that in Hangzhou, the most classic pasta is called “pianerchuan”. So it seems that Xiao Jingteng and “Chuan” really have a bit of fate. I wish “Fu mian” guests like clouds and endless streams.