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China International Fashion Week AW2021

Chuhe Tingxiang CHUYAN is an original brand of contemporary oriental life aesthetics founded in 2011 by fashion designer Chu Yan in Beijing. Adhering to the design concept of “knowing where to go, where to go”, we will integrate excellent traditional culture into contemporary life, with harmony as beauty and use-oriented.

“Gorgeous and tranquil” is the spiritual pursuit of Chuhe Tingxiang. The brand is committed to inheriting and promoting Chinese traditional culture and aesthetic interest, full of innovative spirit, infiltrating cultural and artistic connotations in fashion design, paying attention to details, caring for the soul, and conveying Chinese style The elegance, tranquility and calmness.


Chu Yan, founder and designer of Chuhe Tingxiang brand, associate professor of School of Fashion Art and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. China Fashion Awards-2013 China’;s Top Ten Fashion Designers; China Fashion Awards-2017 China’;s Best Womenswear Designers; 2014 Beijing APEC Global Leader Clothing Lead Designer; 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony Handover Ceremony “Beijing Eight Minutes” performance costume designer; 2019 CCTV “National Treasure” second season “National Treasure Guardian”; 2000 UNESCO; “DESIGN 21” international design gold award winner.

In recent years, Chu Yan has devoted herself to the research and innovative design of Han and Tang costume culture, Dunhuang costume culture, traditional Chinese colors, and oriental aesthetic lifestyle, and many achievements have been widely praised by all walks of life.


Chu and Tingxiang launched two consecutive seasons of “Chu and Chinese Colors” in the 2020 and 2021 spring and summer release shows, including the first quarter of Cinnabar, Coral Zhu, Zui Dian, Qiu Si, Yingyue, Yan Liu, Chunxin, Qing Twelve basic colors: Luan, Shuitian, Green Bi, Jade Cui, Yao Bi; Bi Tian, Soft Blue, Clear Dew, Qin Bi, Stone Green, Green Bead, Grape, Purple Cloud, Lotus Root, Rouge in the second quarter , Thin makeup, dense white and other colors derived from oriental traditional aesthetics.

The costumes created by Chu Yan for the 2021 New Year film by Yi Yang Qianxi, Yang Mi, Li Xian, Song Qian, and Wu Yifan in the 2021 New Year’;s Movie of Glory of the King are out of the circle, showing the ancient style of the Tang Dynasty.

In the field of fashion design, the brand takes the lead in recreating a variety of traditional weaving and dyeing techniques such as natural plant dyeing, Song brocade, Zhang satin, Xia cloth, Tang brocade, etc., and integrate them into contemporary fashion design, giving new life to tradition.

Chu He Tingxiang AW21 China International Fashion Week Conference Theme:
Ask tea. This season will continue the brand’s years of in-depth cultivation and research on the culture of the Tang Dynasty, taking the tea culture of the Tang Dynasty as a source of inspiration, taking tea as an opportunity, and clothing as a carrier, extending to the exploration and contemporary expression of the comprehensive cultural system of the oriental aesthetic lifestyle. Empower a better life.