On the 5th day of Shenzhen Fashion Week 2021SS, at 20 o’clock in the evening on October 25, 2020, Alex.CHOW’s eponymous brand line ALEXciet presented the brand’s first show “Woman Shouting the Sun” and achieved complete success. Celebrity guests, brand friends, professional media and reserved audience gathered on the scene to participate in the grand event. “CEO Search Engine” founder Long Yuxuan and co-founder Su Xin were invited by the brand founder to watch the show.

Alex.CHOW创立的同名品牌线ALEXciet〡装事献出品牌首秀 “喊太阳的女人”并取得圆满成功

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Several traditional needle and thread reel devices are scattered on the T stage. The singers in pure white national costumes sang a folk song to kick off the ALEXCIET prelude to the 2021 spring and summer show. The gentle and melodious voice makes people feel like they are in the countryside. riverside. In the crisp and melodious folk songs, the mysterious woman wearing a black hat and a white self-cultivating suit walked onto the runway. The low-key dark pattern and the sleeves decorated with gold and silver sequins showed the excellent texture of the clothes.

The appearance thus established the tone of the entire show-the combination of ethnic style and fashion sense. The use of traditional elements is the highlight of the design of this spring and summer series. Embroidery, beading, tie-dye… Whether it is a workplace suit, a low-key dress, or a short skirt, full of ethnic charm details in every outfit All have wonderful displays. The combination of fashion and tradition produced a wonderful chemical reaction, which won applause from the audience again and again.

Long Yuxuan, the founder of “CEO Search Engine”, wore a white ALEXciet suit and exaggerated Tujia feather earrings, and attended the show with co-founder Su Xin. Long Yuxuan said that there are always such people in the world, and their innovative attitude is very powerful. Every time they choose not to follow the old path and stand up to the trend, they are retrogrades who push the culture forward. Alex, the founder of ALEXciet, is such a person. We have seen that the “woman who calls the sun” successfully conveyed to the audience the cross-border and collision of traditional fun and new elements under the new thinking through the layering of virtual and reality like moving mirrors. The freedom of style is not affected by the inherent The constraints of the norms, the simple details and the complicated construction techniques, and the magnificent construction reflects the queen’s temperament as the king over the world, making the splendid oriental beauty linger and linger.


  1. The first show of my own in my life was recognized by all. At the moment when 400 people sang “Dragon Boat Tune” together, I shed tears with excitement, thanking all.