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On the evening of July 30th, Beijing time, Star VC investment company Ideal Motors (stock code: LI) was listed on NASDAQ in the United States. Star VC founding partner Ren Quan and President Wei Wei attended the listing ceremony. Ren Quan said that the ideal car is on the market, and we have witnessed that it starts from zero, ideal, there is nothing to dare to think about.

In 2014, Star VC was established, and in 2015, Ideal was established. In 2016, Ren Quan announced that he would no longer take over and lead Star VC as a full-time investor. In July 2020, Star VC is 6 years old and has successively voted for listed companies such as Ideal, Dreamland, Rong360, Handu Yishe, etc., and the bell is soft. There are also seed companies such as 01 Technology and SenseTime. Afterwards, the results were gratifying. I have always felt that whether as an actor, investor or mentor, the baby-faced Ren Quan has always carried a kind of childish enthusiasm and innocence in his body. He didn’t take the posture of being ready, but broke the wall and rebuilt happily and contentedly.

On December 31, 2019, Ren Quan wrote that “in 2020, meet change with change, hello, the third 10-year New Year outlook for the 21st world。”; half a year later, Star VC’s birthday, Ren Quan said, “thanks for your care, thank you for meeting , To move forward together, still committed to finding the most innovative company。”birthday message. One who breaks through the past and one maintains the original intention. This kind of antagonism and compatibility, parallel and non-contradictory mentality and attitude used to be in Ren Quan’s role, but also in the real Ren Quan’s personality. Such a CEO is very A.

Wei Wei, President of Star VC, said: For early investors, the most important thing is people. A good founder is more than everything

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In 2017, Star VC made two consecutive rounds of investment in Ideal Cars. Star VC is optimistic about the large market of new energy vehicles, and more importantly values Li Xiang and his background. Wei Wei, President of Star VC, said: For early investors, the most important thing is people. A good founder is more than everything. Li Xiang is very “pull”, but he can achieve the ultimate efficiency while “pull”. This makes us feel that this person is very practical. Secondly, Li Xiang has the successful experience of Autohome, and he is also the person who knows cars best in the Internet industry. His product understanding ability is very strong, and he has a very keen insight into user needs. Many people call him a super product manager. He really brought Internet genes to the traditional car-making field.

Ideal Auto is an innovator in China’s new energy vehicle market. Ideal Auto was founded in July 2015, formerly known as Che Hejia, founded by serial entrepreneur Li Xiang. He once founded the world’s most visited automobile website Auto Home (NYSE: ATHM). Ideal Automobile is Li Xiang’s third venture. He said, “I have already traded a tens of billions of dollars in a company, and I hope to trade another 100 billion of dollars in a company.”


On this road in the field of new cars, Li Xiang has blazed a new path. The appearance is the difference of products, but the deep level is the difference of thinking. The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells high-end smart electric SUVs, and provides users with safe, convenient and cost-effective travel solutions through innovations in products, technologies and business models. Ideal Auto is the first company in China to successfully commercialize an extended-range electric vehicle. Ideal Motors started mass production of its first model, Ideal ONE, in November 2019. Since the delivery, Ideal Car completed the delivery of the first 10,000 units in only six and a half months, setting the record for the fastest delivery of 10,000 units of new models of Chinese and foreign manufacturers, making it the fastest in history to achieve 10,000 units. A new car company with a delivery volume. As of June 30, more than 10473 Ideal ONEs have been delivered.

With Ideal ONE, the company makes full use of its own technology to create value for users, focusing on mileage improvement, intelligent technology and autonomous driving solutions. In addition to Ideal ONE, in the future, it plans to expand the product line by developing more brand-new models to broaden the user base.